DPI in Action: Zambia
DPI in Action: Zambia
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DPI in Action: Zambia
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In early 2021, DPI partnered with Prospero Zambia in exploring the development of a Zambian Mining Social Investment Strategic Framework.


The process involved pooling a wide range of stakeholders in Zambia (and globally), ranging from mining and exploration companies, investors, financiers, key mining industry players, local communities, civil society, academia, development agencies, as well as local and central government. These stakeholders were engaged initially through in-person meetings and then in virtual roundtable discussions.

In the first stages of the multi-stakeholder dialogue, the expectations gap was wide between participants, but through conversation and open discussions, the gap had narrowed by the final Roundtable. It became evident that there was a mutual desire for and need for enhanced communication, coordination, and collaboration among the players.

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Moving forward, we anticipate stakeholders will be invited to participate in the next stage of the strategy development through pilot initiatives based on local community and regional needs. Prospero has communicated willingness to drive this process forward initially and to build its sustainability in the long run.

DPI Mining is excited to partner and contribute its expertise and innovation to leveraging mining as a catalyst of social and economic development.

Read more about the process in the DPI Mining – Zambia Report.

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