We believe that
to transform often means
to rethink completely
Our guiding document is the Development Partner Framework (DPF). The Framework itself is the result of an exciting and award-winning multi-stakeholder process undertaken between 2013 and 2014 to reimagine the mine of the future. Curious? Read the summary of the original Catalyst

This Framework is a set of principles designed to help mining companies, host countries and communities carve out their path to long-term success and to set the foundation for new ways of operating and collaborating. It is also the foundational document which guides the work of the Development Partner Institute, which exists to pioneer, pilot and turbo-charge initiatives designed to realize the ambitions set out in this document.

The three pillars of the Framework are:

1 Realizing a shared purpose
2 Flourishing ecosystems
3 Competitive communities, companies and countries
Here are 3 reasons
dpi is unique in mining:
Our agility
We aren’t an organization built around one type of stakeholder or limited to one theme or challenge. Our independence positions us uniquely. It gives us agility and neutrality to voices from across the entire mining ecosystem to contribute in new ways. We do not represent the views of any one part of the mining ecosystem –neither companies, nor governments. Through DPI, we want to build a movement to propel all of us to a better future.
Our approach
We draw our inspiration from tech and we have an innovation mindset. We believe in exploring new ideas, experimentation, demonstrations, piloting and yes, sometimes failing –in order to reach successful solutions and new ways of operating. We believe that fairness and justice in mining means that we create the opportunity for people to come together, with each having an equal seat at the table. Our culture and leadership sets us apart –including that our operations are female-led in an industry that is grappling with gender equity.
Our reach
We bring together people’s voices from across the entire mining ecosystem to collaborate, including expert voices from outside mining, to apply their knowledge and experience to tackling the industry’s most intractable challenges.
The Development Partner Institute recognises the impact of the entire mining value chain to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A responsible mining sector is interconnected with global economic development goals, social progress, and environmental responsibility.

Key Goals that are reflected across all our work:

DPI as a catalyzer for partnerships – SDG 10 and 17
DPI as a catalyzer for mining as a development partner – SDG 3, 11 and 13
DPI’s role to advance innovative thinking and approaches – SDG 9 and 11