We believe that
to transform often means
to rethink completely
Why use this Framework?

No matter where you sit in the mining value chain, it’s never been more urgent or important to engage meaningfully and with shared intent. 

We recognise there has been significant investment, initiatives and good intent towards transforming the mining industry from extractive business to development partner. But these have not kept pace with relentless change and societal demands; there is still more work to be done. 

Enter the DPF – a valuable, proven process to articulate the value proposition of the mining industry. Using the neutral platform of the Development Partner Framework will:

Allow a principles-based approach to describe ‘where’ the industry could go and ‘why’ it should go there.
Guide and support the dialogue about ‘how’ we get there, using the Framework robust and real blueprints that lead to actionable results.
Adapt to accommodate perspectives and differences that exist in each mine location and encourage open, brave and honest conversations.

The goal is a mining industry that acts as a catalyst for the socioeconomic development of the countries and communities in which mines are developed and operated.

What’s different about the Development Partner Framework?

The heart of our approach is the three pillars of the Framework. Each pillar holds a comprehensive set of working principles and possible directions to frame a project.
Realizing a shared purpose
While overall agendas may never fully align, for the sake of each project a shared purpose must be collaboratively developed and diligently enacted.
Flourishing ecosystems
A reset is required in the industry that injects a new wave of design thinking and innovation into the environmental approach from exploration to closure.
Competitive communities, companies and countries
High-performing, capable and successful communities mean high-performing, capable and successful mining companies.
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