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What does the Responsible Sourcing Coalition do?


RESCO IS: A coalition of members who challenge the status quo of what it means to ‘source responsibly’.

RESCO is taking on confronting challenges for which no proven path exists. The Coalition is committing to a purpose greater than the interests of any one organization, which makes it unique and full of potential.

RESCO IS: A platform for deep engagement, learning and discovery about responsible sourcing. We want to accelerate the transition of responsible sourcing from a mindset of risk management to one of long-term value creation, and where structural inequality is neutralised. 
We embody the principles of
the Development Partner Framework:
fairness, equity and inclusivity.
At DPI, we prize equality of voice. Our commitment to fairness and justice underpins this approach. 

We believe we achieve better quality outcomes for our initiatives when we draw on diverse thinking and perspectives.

Read the Development Partner Framework
Designed through a multi-stakeholder visioning process, our four priority activities for 2023 are in areas ripe for change or in need of urgent attention. 

These activities bring different stakeholder groups together in ways that may be new or unexplored and will open avenues for future activities necessary to bring our 2040 vision to life. 

Build the RESCO Hub and Marketplace
The RESCO Hub will be an information platform for two main groups: mining companies and value chain actors seeking clarity and guidance about responsible sourcing and governmental and non-governmental organisations seeking organised responsible sourcing information. The RESCO Hub will be a common space for engagement with fellow interested parties and become the ‘home’ for Responsible Sourcing.

The RESCO Marketplace will be an innovation platform, a space for new ideas to meet expertise and funding. This will be a ‘go-to’ space for innovators and technology providers, enterprises and entrepreneurs, and research groups such as academic institutions.
Address Structural Inequality in the Mining Value Chain
RESCO will tackle culture in the mining industry and value-chain to address the difficult topic of structural inequality. We will start with case studies, inter and intra-sector analysis and deep interviews with a vision to shift cultural norms.

This critical work invites community groups and individuals, mining companies of any size, and consumer-facing companies to be involved.
Establish “The Community”
In this space, community representatives can engage deeply with other value chain stakeholders to share community perspectives where they may not otherwise have this opportunity.
Develop the RESCO Responsible Sourcing Framework
To guide and grow the work of RESCO, we are in the process of developing the RESCO Responsible Sourcing Framework. This will act as a comprehensive expression of the principles and values that underpin the work of RESCO and articulate what the entire community is committed to.

Our framework will serve as a way to communicate RESCO to stakeholders, potential partners and any new individuals interested in the work we do. It will also be the ‘true north’ as we continue to forge a path towards sustainable, people-centric, responsible sourcing.

Are you part of the mining value chain? RESCO is for you.


RESCO supporters and champions will be known as pioneers in global responsible sourcing, and will position your organisation as leaders in the ethical mining value chain.



If you’re in the mining and processing business, RESCO involvement opens a new world of opportunity and leverage. Use your voice and position to be part of creating a ‘fit for purpose’ mining industry that can contribute meaningfully to a future based on mutual understanding and equality.

Become part of the bigger movement to usher in an equitable and ethical mining future.
Community, education and civil society bodies
RESCO champions local and national community bodies, institutions and think tanks. As a RESCO participant, your organisation will instantly gain global reach and influence.

The perspectives and history of indigenous and localised societies involved in any part of the resources industry are invaluable contributions to shared understanding and mutual respect.

RESCO projects work towards meaningful development partnerships where responsible sourcing moves way beyond logistics and finance and uncovers untapped strength and potential.
Investors and Financiers
RESCO supporters in finance and investment fields can access global innovation and insights, using our trusted networks and transparent approach to Industry and institution sustainability targets.

Positioning your organisation as part of RESCO signals your understanding that ESG must move beyond compliance to taking the lead in shifting the global narrative around responsible sourcing.
B2B / B2C businesses
You’re successful in your target markets and current product positioning. But you’re future-focused, knowing that to stay on the leading edge, you’ll benefit from belonging to a progressive, neutral coalition that is pioneering the solutions to today’s intractable sourcing challenges.

Aligning with RESCO membership, share your unique perspectives and initiatives to accelerate change to our sustainable future.
There’s strength in numbers! We value every contribution, from everywhere across the minerals value chain, so journey with us, starting today. 

Bring your ideas. Join the coalition.

Join the coalition

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