Talon Metals joins DPI Mining’s Responsible Sourcing Coalition as a Supporter
Talon Metals joins DPI Mining’s Responsible Sourcing Coalition as a Supporter
News > Talon Metals joins DPI Mining’s Responsible Sourcing Coalition as a Supporter
Talon Metals
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(9 Sep 2022) - The Development Partner Institute (DPI Mining) is delighted to welcome Talon Metals Corp on board as a Supporter for the Responsible Sourcing Coalition, or RESCO.

DPI and Talon Metals share a vision for sustainability across the whole value chain and are committed to furthering the conversations and work amongst stakeholders to drive responsible sourcing in the mining sector. “We are thrilled to welcome Talon Metals Corp today as a supporter of the work we’re doing in RESCO.

As the demand for battery minerals escalates, mining’s critical role in shaping society and access to renewable energy continues apace.

As RESCO continues to bring together the voices of mining value chain participants, we welcome the fresh perspective that Talon Metals will bring especially given its innovative approach in its nickel project.

We are pleased that Talon Metals is committed to working with tribal sovereign governments and tribal communities.

At DPI Mining, we respect and acknowledge the enduring connection of indigenous people to lands and culture. We see opportunities for deep engagement to create shared purpose, in line with the pillars of our Development Partner Framework.

The funding will be valuable as we continue to build momentum and energy through our visioning work and our responsible sourcing coalition” said Executive Director Wendy Tyrrell.

Chairman and co-founder of DPI Mining, Peter Bryant, welcomed Talon Metals Corp: “It’s great to have Talon Metals’ support and participation in RESCO as they reimagine mining from both an ESG and technical perspective”

The Responsible Sourcing Coalition is a coalition for an ethical mining value chain, mine to consumer. It brings together organisations and individuals from right across the mineral value chain. DPI recognizes that a company’s choice to source responsibly has profound impacts across the value chain in challenging the manufacturers, fabricators, and companies that mine the raw metals and minerals. RESCO exists to accelerate the creation of a ‘whole of value chain’ response to responsibly sourcing minerals and metals to ultimately drive more demand for responsibly sourced practices and products, a mission Talon Metals Corp is committed to.

“We are thrilled to join a multi-stakeholder group like RESCO that brings together diverse perspectives to discuss how society can address climate change, protect the natural environment and cultural resources. Participants in RESCO are clear eyed about the metallic mineral requirements of the energy transition, but they want to make sure that these infinitely recyclable natural resources like nickel are extracted responsibly with strong environmental and cultural protections and broad-based economic benefits. We are honored to be a part of this discussion and hope that it leads to better outcomes,” said Todd Malan, Chief External Affairs Officer and Head of Climate Strategy for Talon Metals.

In partnership with a range of stakeholders, DPI’s Responsible Sourcing Coalition is continuing through 2022 to lead a multi-stakeholder effort to identify and fill gaps in the whole of value chain conversation.

We look forward to building a new future for mining together. See more about RESCO here and contact us if you would like to become a RESCO Supporter too.



About Talon 

Talon is a TSX-listed base metals company in a joint venture with Rio Tinto on the high-grade Tamarack Nickel-Copper-Cobalt Project located in central Minnesota. Talon’s shares are also traded in the US over the OTC market under the symbol TLOFF. The Tamarack Nickel Project comprises a large land position (18km of strike length) with high-grade intercepts outside the current resource area. Talon has an earn-in right to acquire up to 60% of the Tamarack Nickel Project, and currently owns 51%. Talon is focused on (i) expanding and infilling its current high-grade nickel mineralization resource prepared in accordance with NI 43-101 to shape a mine plan for submission to Minnesota regulators, (ii) following up on additional high-grade nickel mineralization in the Tamarack Intrusive Complex, and (iii) exploring the prospects for significant carbon storage in the ultra-mafic rocks that comprise the Tamarack Intrusive Complex through carbon mineralization. Talon has an agreement with Tesla Inc. to supply it with 75,000 metric tonnes (165 million lbs) of nickel in concentrate (and certain by-products, including cobalt and iron) from the Tamarack Nickel Project over an estimated six-year period once commercial production is achieved. Talon has well-qualified experienced exploration, mine development, external affairs and mine permitting teams.


For additional information on Talon, please visit the Company’s website at www.talonmetals.com