RESCO’s official debut is a call for companies to move beyond risk management in mineral sourcing
RESCO’s official debut is a call for companies to move beyond risk management in mineral sourcing
News > RESCO’s official debut is a call for companies to move beyond risk management in mineral sourcing
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29 September 2021 - (Chicago) The Development Partner Institute (DPI Mining) in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation today launched the future direction of the Responsible Sourcing Coalition (RESCO), calling on actors across the mining value chain to act boldly by sourcing minerals in a way that moves beyond risk management.

“Imagine a world where responsible sourcing is no longer a tick-box exercise, a list completed for risk hygiene, but rather an opportunity to deliver a meaningful positive impact on mining communities,” said DPI co-founder Peter Bryant. “RESCO is a call to act boldly. It is a call for actors across the mineral value chain to collaborate to move beyond just compliance when it comes to sourcing, and to accelerate the transition to responsible mineral sourcing that puts people at its core.”

“I’m delighted to debut RESCO’s future direction today,” explained Executive Director Wendy Tyrrell. “RESCO’s aspiration is a mineral value chain free from structural inequality and shaped by community values. We see the need to move from a mindset of risk management to one of long-term value creation – RESCO hosted by the Development Partner Institute, is being unveiled today to translate that aspiration into reality.”

RESCO is a platform for deep engagement, learning and discovery. Its members come from all corners of the mining value chain, from impacted communities to investors to consumer-facing companies. Working together through RESCO, members will take collective action to accelerate impact-driven responsible sourcing of minerals and metals from all over the world.

In addition to the Rockefeller Foundation, supporters include mining majors Anglo American and Rio Tinto, joined by Hatch Global, Schneider Electric, Appian Capital Advisory, Black Loon Group, and Flow Partners.

As part of its online debut today, RESCO’s “Vision 2040” set out 9 key activity areas for the coming months. These include a focus on addressing Scope 3 Carbon Emissions, addressing structural inequality in the mining value chain, and developing a social value approach shaped by communities.

The coalition issued an invitation to all actors across the value chain, from consumer companies to communities to mining companies, to join the coalition and bring their skills and talents to RESCO’s workstreams.

“Join us!” invited RESCO Programme Director Julia McGoldrick. “We have already secured early funding from our wonderful supporters who recognise that RESCO’s vision will deliver a meaningful and positive impact for mining communities. But we need additional funding to scale up quickly and deliver impact – our target is to raise US$1 million in the first six months and US$2.5 million within 18 months, to start delivering that change across the value chain we envisage. To do that, we need investment from progressive leaders and companies – like you. Now is the time to act boldly, and to put communities at the heart of our efforts.”

Learn more about RESCO on its newly launched website, or on social media. If you’re interested in supporting RESCO, please email


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Learn more about RESCO at or contact to learn more about how you or your company can join and fund RESCO .

RESCO is an initiative of the Development Partner Institute (DPI). DPI Mining is an international coalition of ambitious leaders from across the global mining ecosystem. Our coalition welcomes people from all walks of life. Anyone interested in or impacted by mining is welcome – communities, indigenous people, investors, governments, civil society, and companies – including miners, suppliers and consumer product companies. We are committed to a future where the contribution of mining to economic and social development is truly maximised.

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