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Introducing the Innovation & Research Battlefield
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New Leaders. Fresh Ideas. Real Impact.

Introducing a new and exciting event on the Mining Indaba calendar in 2022 – the Innovation & Research Battlefield – a competitive 10-minute pitch platform for researchers, academia, students and organisations to present innovative sustainability ideas to the mining industry.

The pitches will happen at the Mining Indaba conference in Cape Town, South Africa between 9-11 May 2022.

The 2022 Challenge

Each year there will be a new challenge for applicants to address. In 2022 we are looking for innovative research proposals that offer innovative solutions to Building Sustainable Post-Mining Economies.

Every phase of a mine’s life brings new opportunities and challenges to different sectors of society. It is in the interest of a country endowed with natural resources to maximise the investment of a mining company in order to generate income for the country and provide benefit to the communities that are proximate to the mineral deposit.

Complete rehabilitation of the mine site, leaving it in a safe and non-polluting condition, is critical to the local community. However, it is not just the environment that must be considered, but also the economic and social impact the mining company leaves when it closes.

One of the most important legacies a mining company can leave a community is a vibrant, sustainable post-mining economy. A mining company, in partnership with the government and community, can leverage the mine's investments to catalyse economic opportunities to create a sustainable local economy, beyond the life of the mine.

But how?

We are looking for creative and bold innovation and research proposals that offer solutions to this question!

Why an Innovation & Research Battlefield?

Now, more than ever, innovation and research will be critical to drive impactful decisions and to enable businesses to be innovative and agile in responding to current issues. The Innovation & Research Battlefield is a platform for the mining industry, academia, business, NGOs and young people who have a vested interest in sustainable mining for development solutions to come together.

Our goals:

- To develop and test innovative solutions to tough sustainability and development challenges related to mining

- To strengthen collaboration between the mining industry and academia

- To engage young people studying at university and impassion them about the opportunities mining can bring, and how the industry can support communities and improve livelihoods

- To connect with researchers, academia, students and organisations that may have innovative research ideas to achieve sustainable development outcomes

- To increase the profile and contribution of research to good mining for sustainable development practice on the ground

- To collaborate and create effective partnerships to solve existing and future sustainability problems

Convened by the Development Partner Institute (DPI Mining), Business for Development (B4D), and Mining Indaba, and modelled on the popular Mining Indaba Investment Battlefield, the Innovation & Research Battlefield seeks to bridge a gap between great ideas and the resources needed to implement them.

The 2022 Innovation & Research Battlefield is sponsored by BHP and The University of Queensland’s Sustainable Minerals Institute.


The Process:innovation and research process mapFor the Winning Pitch:

In addition to having the opportunity to pitch in front of the world’s top mining companies and receive recognition for your research, the winning Innovation & Research proposal will receive:

- Unique platform to test and contribute new ideas on the global stage and receive instant feedback from leaders in both industry and academia

- Innovation Grant to support your research up to US$28,600, thanks to sponsorship from BHP and The University of Queensland’s Sustainable Minerals Institute

- Feature Article in Africa Mining Review Magazine and other marketing coverage

- Industry Networking Event for winner and runners up on 11 May 2022 (if present in Cape Town during the Mining Indaba conference) providing the opportunity to make connections and form partnerships with both industry and academia

- Present your proposal at the Young Leaders Forum (11 May 2022) to inspire the next generation in pursuing studies and careers around mining and sustainability

- Up to two Tickets to attend Mining Indaba 2023 valued at approximately US$1,900ea


To Enter:

Applications closed on 13 APRIL 2022

Shortlisted candidates will be informed they are moving to the next round by 20th April 2022.

If you have any questions on the application process, please email: 



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