Deep Dives with DPI E1: The DPI Story with Peter Bryant
Deep Dives with DPI E1: The DPI Story with Peter Bryant
News > Deep Dives with DPI E1: The DPI Story with Peter Bryant
Deep Dives with DPI E1: The DPI Story with Peter Bryant
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In this Deep Dive episode, Peter Bryant, DPI's Board Chair and Co-Founder provides insights into the DPI journey, highlighting:

- the Development Partner Framework's 'origin story'

- the three pillars of the DPF, and its role in bridging the gap between societal expectations and mining industry performance

- our Catalyst and RESCO initiatives, which demonstrate DPI's commitment to fostering impactful dialogues and responsible sourcing

- the importance of DPI's partnership with the First Nations Major Projects Coalition, focusing on integrating Indigenous values into projects and addressing the challenges posed by the urgency of the energy transition.

This episode's call to action? Peter encourages everyone in the mining sector to deepen understanding through active listening and dialogue, emphasizing the importance of building trust and finding common ground for collaborative action.

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Key themes from the episode:

1. Innovation and Transformation in Mining Industry
Peter highlighted the significant innovation challenge in the mining industry, emphasizing the need for transformation. He discussed the evolving expectations of society and the critical role of the mining industry in the energy transition towards a minerals-intensive energy system.

2. Formation and Purpose of DPI and the Development Partner Framework
The discussion delved into the formation of DPI. Peter explained the catalyst behind DPI's creation, originating from a global conference on innovation. The Development Partner Framework (DPF) was introduced as a response to the sustainability challenges in the mining industry, aiming to bridge the gap between expectations and performance.

3. Responsible Sourcing Coalition (RESCO)
Peter detailed the Responsible Sourcing Coalition (RESCO) and its role in bringing together stakeholders across the mining value chain, including companies like Tiffany and BMW, to discuss responsible sourcing practices. He emphasized the importance of shared visions and values, steering away from an excessive focus on standards.

4. Challenges in Energy Transition and Indigenous Engagement
Peter expressed concern about the urgency of the energy transition and climate change, emphasizing the potential negative impact on indigenous communities. He highlighted the need for deep dialogues in a safe, trusted environment, where diverse stakeholders, including indigenous voices, are actively engaged to ensure a just transition without sacrificing one group for another.


These themes reflect DPI's insights into the challenges and opportunities within the mining industry, focusing on innovation, responsible sourcing, and the crucial role of dialogues in addressing social, economic, and environmental concerns.