Appian Capital joins DPI Mining’s Responsible Sourcing Coalition as a Supporter
Appian Capital joins DPI Mining’s Responsible Sourcing Coalition as a Supporter
News > Appian Capital joins DPI Mining’s Responsible Sourcing Coalition as a Supporter
Appian Capital joins DPI as Supporter for RESCO
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(September 17, 2021) - The Development Partner Institute (DPI Mining) is delighted to welcome Appian Capital Advisory on board as a Supporter for the Responsible Sourcing Coalition for Minerals and Metals, or RESCO. DPI Mining and Appian Capital share a long-standing deep commitment to harnessing mining for wide social and economic development.

“It is a privilege to welcome Appian Capital as a supporter of DPI’s Responsible Sourcing Coalition,” said Executive Director Wendy Tyrrell. “We recognize that investors and asset managers making considered choices to support socially responsible investment plays a pivotal role in driving the demand for greater uptake of responsible sourcing practices and products.”

Chair and Co-Founder of DPI Mining, Peter Bryant, welcomed Appian, “We are delighted Appian has decided to join RESCO. Appian’s role as a value investor is key to accelerating impact-led responsible sourcing. We hope their support and contribution for RESCO will motivate the broader mining investment community to use its influence for significant societal value.”

The Responsible Sourcing Coalition for Minerals and Metals exists to accelerate a mineral value chain free from inequality, shaped by community values and committed to a mindset of long-term value creation. The Coalition is made up of future-thinkers from every part of the mining value chain.

“Mining requires collaboration from all stakeholders to support project development in return for greater social and financial benefit that a mine can bring to local communities and governments,” commented Appian Capital’s Founder and CEO, Michael Scherb. “Appian, through its support of RESCO, is committed to working to ensure that all portfolio companies deliver on economic, environmental and social value.”

In partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation, with support from Schneider Electric and Appian Capital, DPI’s Responsible Sourcing Coalition is continuing through 2021 to lead a multi-stakeholder effort to identify and fill gaps in the whole of value chain conversation. We look forward to building a new future for mining together.

Learn more about RESCO here and contact us if you would like to become a RESCO Supporter.


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