We stand against racism and we stand for inclusion

A message from the Development Partner Institute.

Tragic events of recent weeks that started in the USA have now enveloped the world. These events have brought into stark view the debilitating impact of racism and police brutality. 

We have been listening deeply to the responses from individuals and organisations in many countries.  We have been sharing with each other our questions and thoughts about how to contribute; how to show support, how to take a stand, how to be better, and how to amplify the voices of those driving positive change. 

We acknowledge the suffering, pain, and everyday struggles of black people and indigenous people. You are our friends, families, colleagues, partners, critics, and supporters. Across the world, we stand with you against racism. We stand with you in seeking a future where skin colour is not a determinant of life or success. And where people no longer suffer through discrimination and injustice.  Discrimination of all kinds is a stain on our humanity. 

Since its inception two and a half years ago, the Development Partner Institute has worked to create pathways for mining to become a global development partner. Inclusion and diversity are at the heart of our approach. We bring together people from across society – communities, indigenous people, civil society, governments, the private sector, and academia – to find areas of common purpose to achieve improved social and economic outcomes for all people. 

We strive to create spaces where people can share their perspectives and stories openly. We seek ways that opportunity and prosperity can be shared by all, in ways meaningful to them. We seek deeper understanding of differences to achieve shared purpose. 

We see the critical importance of generative, inclusive settings for transformative progress. We passionately believe that progress can only truly be achieved when everyone has an equal voice. 

Now, more than ever, we see our mission as critical. These events only accelerate the urgency of that mission. 

Today, we are reinforcing our commitment to human rights and eliminating discrimination as we elevate our consciousness of systemic bias in the world. We will reflect on our processes and activities, internally and externally. We will work to identify ways that we can strengthen and better address inequality. 

We at the DPI imagine an industry deeply connected to the values of tomorrow’s generation; transparent and fair, equal and inclusive, and a genuine partner in global development. We work to promote a sector that empowers communities, overcoming marginalisation and eliminating discrimination. 

We will continue to seek out opportunities to initiate and engage in courageous conversations where inclusion is front and centre. We will work to identify ways to break down discrimination, as we know it stands in the way of prosperity for all. We will continue to encourage a mining ecosystem that is deeply connected to values of fairness and equality. We will actively reflect on our actions as continuous learning opportunities. 

Our experience has taught us that mutual respect and collaboration are fundamental to powering the change needed for a better world. 

We invite you to join us as we work to amplify and accelerate the change that is needed. We hope that you see it as essential to join us in this change.

  • July 8, 2020

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