What We Do

The DPI was founded to continue the innovative work that the Kellogg Innovation Network has catalyzed and incubated with a focus upon five key actions based upon the triusted and neutral foundation of the DPI.


Convene industry and cross-sector business leaders in multiple ways outside traditional industry forums to continue to extend and apply transformational innovation, thinking and application of The Approach.

Catalyze & Incubate

Engage influencers more broadly to further understanding of the new approach and encourage their active engagement with the industry; offer a safe space to create and grow ideas, potentially into start-up initiatives.


Promote to the industry, and other stakeholders, the adoption of the principles and successful practices of The Approach to enhance their own strategy and value creation.


Drive and share insights on key issues by engaging across multiple industries and sectors and investigating areas of strategic impact in a multi-stakeholder environment.


Collaborate with educational institutions to develop executive education that enhances capabilities in current senior managers and a more holistic undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum for the future leaders.