DPI calls on all actors in the mining sector to work collaboratively as partners to realize long term economic and social prosperity

(26 August 2020) – Today, DPI Mining launched a fresh edition of the Development Partner Framework for Mining – Catalyzing the Mining Sector of the Future: A Principles Based Approach.

The Framework lays out a set of principles and approaches for mining companies, host countries and communities to define ways of operating and collaborating in the mining sector.

It was developed as part of an award winning, multi-stakeholder process that included NGOs, governments, companies, civil society, faith leaders and indigenous communities. Several countries and companies are actively implementing principles and practices aligned with the DPF – including Peru and Guinea, and Anglo American Plc has developed its Collaborative Regional Development approach aligned with the DPF.

The Development Partner Institute exists to pioneer, pilot and turbo-charge initiatives designed to realize the ambitions set out in the Framework.

“Since it was first launched in 2014, the DPF has served as a call for all those with a stake in the mining value chain to act with vision and courage,” explains DPI Executive Director Wendy Tyrrell. “Several years have passed and we thought it was the right time to revisit this principles-based approach. The sector has seen exciting changes during these years yet certain challenges persist. We believe ‘Version 2.0’ reflects this evolution.”

The 2020 updated edition broadens the Framework’s accessibility for a wider set of actors in the sector beyond mining companies, and reflects the progress, changes and new challenges in mining today.

DPI Co-founder and Board Chair Peter Bryant adds, “Through DPI, we want to build a movement to propel us to a better future, for everyone. We are calling for vision and courage, and to be willing protagonists in defining the mining sector’s future – it is time for us to lead and it is time for us to act.

“We invite you to join us and the DPI on this journey,” Peter Bryant adds. “We are asking all stakeholders and specifically CEOs and sector leaders, government and communities, as well as investors and consumer products companies to be partners in shaping the sector’s future – to accept that collective long-term prosperity depends on the strength of relationships between all stakeholders, to recognize the extent to which we all have skin in the game and to commit to work collaboratively to realize our shared purpose.”

Download it. Read it. Share it.

We encourage all stakeholders to get involved in translating the DPF’s vision into reality. Urge your government, company or organization to adopt and implement the Framework and tell us about it!

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