Guiding Principles

The following principles are core to the the Development Partner Approach. It provides a framework for the mining industry that moves it from:

  • Being known as the “isolated extractive” industry to the “resource development” industry.
  • Cost and production measurement to a long-term, value-creation culture.
  • Short-term profit to long-term equity.
  • Operational risk management to sustainable development.
  • “Check the box” procedure-driven engagement to ongoing, meaningful and substantive collaboration.
  • One-dimensional technical managers to leaders who can navigate the risks and opportunities presented by geopolitical, environmental, governmental, social and economic issues.
  • Standalone sustainability technocrats to integrated systems thinkers.
  • Prescribed, closed, linear, formulaic approaches changing to ensuring creativity and innovation through inclusion of diverse world views.

The 3 Pillars of the Development Partner Approach are:

Shared Purpose

A clear understanding and articulation of the long-term vision, goals and methods for a potential project and surrounding region are co-created, discussed and agreed to by all relevant stakeholders.

Flourishing Ecosystems

A robust and resilient natural environment, supporting a healthy community and thriving business.

Competitive Companies, Communities and Countries

The ability for companies, communities and countries to reach their full potential and realize their individual definition of prosperity.

Whilst at all times considering what prosperity means beyond the life of mine and the mining company’s role in catalyzing that from day one.

Click here to read our full Development Partner Framework document.