The DPI was established in December 2016 to continue the innovative and transformative multi stakeholder work that was catalyzed and incubated by the Kellogg Innovation Network supported by courageous and visionary leaders from key stakeholder groups. This was guided by the KIN’s vision of enabling global prosperity through innovation.

For more on the journey visit the KIN Global site.

Aspiration, Mission & Guiding Principles

Our aspiration is to fundamentally change the business model of the mining industry to an integrated and proactive development partner, delivering on economic, environmental and social shared purpose.

To do this, the mission of the DPI is to:

  • Engage the mining ecosystem to shape a new approach and way of thinking
  • Advance and extend transformative innovative thinking around shifting to an integrated and proactive approach
  • Build bridges with groups that have a stake in mining by gaining trust, developing a common language, cultivating understanding and fostering new collaborations

Our efforts are guided by these principles:

  1. Independent but Connected to Mining. With a focus on transformative innovation.

  2. Startup Mentality. We are flexible, lean, and nimble. We leverage a small footprint but have a global reach. We think big.

  3. Neutral and Safe Platform. We have the ability to convene those with antagonistic positions. We influence and develop respect, by listening, sharing and working towards productive outcomes

  4. Courageous Collaboration. We build creative coalitions.

  5. Open Innovation that only comes from a multi-stakeholder cross-sector ecosystem.

  6. Impartial and Trusted. No set position but guided by stakeholder engagement.


We are grateful to the following organizations for investing in the establishment of the DPI with three-year funding commitments.