We aspire to fundamentally change the business model of the mining industry to an integrated and proactive development partner, delivering on economic, environmental and social shared purpose.

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Building on the work done through the Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN), the Development Partner Institute (DPI) was established in 2016 to engage stakeholders across the mining ecosystem to build bridges amongst stakeholders and advance innovative thinking about the role of mining in society. In a short period of time, DPI has established a track record of bringing the right set of diverse stakeholders to the table, convening and curating discussions that help identify places of shared purpose and collaboration.

The KIN Catalyst was awarded a silver medal in the category of “Collaborative Innovation” by the prestigious Edison Awards.


The world needs mining. It provides the building blocks of modern civilization. However, mining also often has a disproportionately high impact on local communities, and when mishaps occur, the consequences can be devastating. Mining has made progress addressing this and other issues – sustainability, etc. – in recent years, but is still not keeping pace with societal demands. In order to thrive, miners must adopt a new way of thinking and a new approach to how they secure, nurture, and progressively revitalize their social license to operate.


The Development Partner Framework (DPF) articulates our mindset of shared purpose that cultivates partnerships amongst the collective set of stakeholders including communities, businesses, employees, governments, local authorities, NGOs, development agencies and investors. It describes what is required for mining companies to secure, nurture and progressively revitalize their social license to operate.

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