We imagine an industry deeply connected to the values of tomorrow’s generation; transparent and fair, equal and inclusive, and a genuine partner in global development.


At the Development Partner Institute, we want to build a movement to propel us to a better future. We are an international coalition of ambitious leaders from across the global mining ecosystem. Our coalition welcomes people from all walks of life. Anyone interested in or impacted by mining is welcome – communities, indigenous people, investors, governments, civil society, and companies – including miners, suppliers and consumer product companies. We are committed to a future where the contribution of mining to economic and social development is truly maximised.


We have an innovation mindset and draw our inspiration from this approach: Experiment, Learn, Pivot. We believe in the power of our approach to spark new thinking and new ways of operating. Our culture and leadership sets us apart. We believe in a collective approach. We explore new ideas, experiment, demonstrate, pilot, and pivot, and yes, sometimes fail – in order to reach successful solutions and new ways of operating. We believe in fairness and equity. We see genuine progress made when people with diverse views to come together, with each having an equal seat at the table.

OUR PHILOSOPHY EXPLAINED – The Development Partner Framework

We invite you to read our guiding document, newly refreshed for 2020. The Development Partner Framework (DPF) was first created through an exciting and award winning multi-stakeholder dialogue process undertaken in 2014 to reimagine the mine of the future. Learn more about our origins here. Revisited and relaunched for 2020, Framework ‘2.0’ is a set of principles designed to help mining companies, host countries and communities carve out their path to long-term success and to set the foundation for new ways of operating and collaborating. Download it. Read it. Share it. 

Download the DPF


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